E.H.V. Never Less is a fast growing student hockey association exclusively for Erasmus- and HBO-students. Even better: we are the only student hockey association of Rotterdam! At Never Less you can participate in our notorious internal competition. The majority of our members take part in this competition which allows us to form a substantially sized competition.

So how does this internal competition work? In September both men and women form teams (last year 8 teams of about 21 people per team). Those teams play against each other on Mondays, or on Tuesdays during winter. These teams are a combination of both men and women of different levels. Every year this proves to be a challenge to advanced players and it gives beginners a chance to learn and play as well.
Never Less’ core values can be narrowed down to two keys words: Hockey and Fun. Activities are organised regularly for all members of Never Less. We hold a monthly social drink, several hockey parties throughout the year, and additional special activities such as the annual members’ weekend, a gala, and a hockey tournament.
So if you would like to play hockey with other students or if you would like to learn how to play hockey; stop looking. Never Less is the sports association for you! The only thing left for you to do now is to join one of our hockey evenings.

What do we offer?

Basically, hockey and the very Dutch ‘gezelligheid’. In whatever order you like. Our association consists of members who all compete in our internal competition (about 8-10 mixed teams). You can expect to play about 3 matches of 25 minutes every Monday during fall and spring. Prior to these internal matches one hour of practice is offered, for both beginners and more experienced players. All of this happens on the fields of R.H.V. Leonidas located at Toepad 95. Since 1996 we play indoor hockey during winter. Hence, even in winter it is possible to play hockey. Those evenings are on Tuesdays instead of Mondays.
Overall we play almost continually from the beginning of September until the end of June.

What is our level?

We do not only play with mixed-gender teams, but also the level of the players is mixed within every team. There are Never Less members who have played hockey ever since they were only 6 years old, and we have members that have never touched a hockey stick before joining us. Field hockey experience is therefore not at all necessary.
Do we offer activities?
Besides regularly playing hockey several activities are organised, such as the monthly social drink, dinners, a members’ weekend, hockey tournaments, several hockey parties, a prom, and so on.

Want to become a member?

For a mere €160 a year you can join E.H.V. Never Less! This membership includes a sports card with which you can make use of Erasmus Sports facilities. You can join one of our four open evenings in September (the first four Mondays in September), or you can drop by on one of our regular evenings during the year.
During our autumn and spring league we have practice on Monday from 19.30h until 20.30h and the matches are played from 20.30h until 23.00h. We have hockey sticks available for people who do not have a stick themselves. Use this registration form to become a member of Never Less! If you have any other questions, you can e-mail them to info@neverless.nl.