Anne van Verre - President


I’m Anne van Verre! I’m the president of the lustrum committee. Last year I was part of the super fun team Albondigas and this year I’m in team Rotterlam. I’m also a member of RSZV, the sailing association here in Rotterdam. I love to go out and dance, so I often go out with my friends.

However, besides all these fun things I study IBCoM (communication and media). This year I’m starting my second year.

As president of the lustrum committee I’m responsible for making sure that everything goes smoothly within the committee. Most of my time is spend planning and preparing our meetings and keeping in touch with the board and BAC.

This year, we’re organizing a lot of super cool and fun events and of course an amazing Lustrum party at the end of the year! So, make sure to keep an eye out for the Facebook page and Instagram of Never Less to make sure you don’t miss any of these events!

Lisa Kester - Secretary

Hi everyone!

My name is Lisa, I’m a 19-year old business student at the Erasmus University. In my spare time I like to play hockey at Never Less and Pollux (in Vlaardingen) and from time to time my schedule is full of social activities with my awesome teammates from both teams. Besides that, I like to have drinks at one of the many bars in Rotterdam, or (during the winter) to sit down and have some hot chocolate with my teammates at Leonidas (would really recommend)!

This year I’m the secretary of the LuCo. I will mainly focus on taking notes of all meetings, sign ups during events and I will be the main contact person for all members.

If there are any wishes, comments, remarks etc. please send an email to and you will most likely get a response from me!

Thomas de Legé - Treasurer

Dear fellow hockey players,

Maybe you have already seen me walking around the pitch on a random Monday night but I’d like to introduce myself nonetheless. The name is Thomas de Legé (as in le-Shae), I am 21 years old and a medical student. Besides the daily dose of saving lives, you can always find me in one of the men-temples; the gym or a bar. This year, I will be handling the financial side of our lustrum year. I will try to find a balance between affordability, fun, and a lot of free beer! Together with my four ladies, I’m going to do my absolute best for all of you people and with a bit of luck it’s going to be a blast!

Selke Meijer - Commissioner media & Sponsoring

Hi! My name is Selke and I am 19 years old. I’m in my second year of business administration. Because I love excersise so much I also go tot he gym and I’m a member of RSZV. I’m always in for a drink and love going to parties like the ones we, as the LuCo, will be organizing for you this lustrum year. I am commissioner media & sponsoring within the LuCo which means I try to attract sponsors to keep the activities as cheap as possible and I’m responsible for all announcements for events you will see on all social media platforms!

Nienke van der walle

Hi! My name is Nienke and next year I’ll be the Commissioner commercial relations in the Lustrum Committee! My task mainly consists of maintaining contacts with external parties and ensuring that the events run as smoothly as possible. In addition to my activities at the LuCo, I follow the master of Forensic Criminology in Leiden and I also play hockey there. With my work based in Amsterdam, I will travel all around our little country. However, I’ll be in Rotterdam every Monday night till the end of bingo of course! 

I hope that, together with the LuCo, we can put together an awesome year of activities and hopefully we will see you this year on the hockey fields and at the activities!